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Finding Home

Deborah Smith Cook


Reeling from her husband’s cheating and demand for a divorce after 37 years, Katherine, a 61-year-old English professor, retreats to Rehoboth Beach, where she always finds comfort and peace, to regroup and think about her new future.

On a whim, she decides to spend her sabbatical at the beach, writing and working in her favorite bookstore. As Katherine navigates the challenging waters of newfound freedom, she finds support and inspiration from a group of successful female entrepreneurs also in their sixties, true friends who encourage her to live her dreams.

Even though she’s not interested in a relationship, two men vie for her attention. She can’t deny the attraction she feels for Jeff — despite his tattoos, motorcycle, and ponytail. He’s the exact opposite of Richard — suave, sophisticated, a real gentleman who would fit right into her academic world. Will Katherine have the strength to trust her heart and embark on a love that challenges her every expectation? Find out in this heart-stirring tale of second chances.

Finding Home is the first book in the Rehoboth Beach later-in-life romance series.