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    Deborah Smith Cook

    When Deborah is not writing, she’s reading. Or walking. Or having coffee with friends. Or going on “adventures” with her grandson. Spending time with family and friends. Or spending time at the Delaware beaches. And getting to Paris as often as she can. It’s a pretty full life.

    She lives in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. with her husband and a menagerie of backyard wildlife – the occasional fox, deer, pileated woodpeckers, and a myriad of other birds.

    In her writing, she is passionate about “seasoned” or “mid-life” stories and romances—whatever we call these things about people over sixty. She believes love is for any age, not just the young.

    She’s all about pro-aging (not anti-aging), embracing our wisdom years. Her role models are all the women who don’t believe they’re “too old” for anything. In the non-writing part of her professional life, she’s helping women figure out what their next step is after retirement.

    Why later-in-life stories?

    I’ve read women’s fiction romance my whole life. And now I want to read stories about women (and men) my age. Love is not limited to the young. How many later-in-life love stories do you know? I know lots of them—women in their 60s and 70s and even older finding love again. Even network television is getting into the act with the Golden Bachelor. 

    Why Rehoboth Beach?

    I love Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We’ve been going there almost annually for just about thirty years, starting when my sons were three and four years old, staying in different hotels or renting houses, every month of the year. One of my reading pleasures is reading novels set in places I’ve traveled. “I’ve eaten there.” “I’ve seen that.” My husband and I did a quick escape to Rehoboth last month for a couple of days. The salt air, the waves crashing, the quiet boardwalk were just what we needed.

    I hope you’ll be inspired to visit Rehoboth. 

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